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Amazon Small and Light Program

Product Movement uses, almost exclusively, a fulfillment program offered by Amazon called Amazon Small and Light 


This program has several advantages for certain products meeting a very specific size, weight, and price profile. Units weighing less than 15 ounces, measuring less than 16x9x4 inches, and priced under $15.00 are eligible. This restriction would keep us from competing against your other vendors on the larger, more expensive to store items thus not affecting their storage fees or sales. These larger, higher priced items do not fit the product profile we look for and would not be on our POs. 


The Amazon Small and Light Program offers FREE standard shipping to ALL customers regardless of Prime membership status or total value of cart. 


Hundreds of thousands of items qualify for this program but are not enrolled because additional preparation requirements are required before shipment. Thats why we are interested in building a vendor relationship with you.


At Product Movement we specialize in Small and Light products. We own specialized bagging machines to appropriately prepare items for sale in compliance with Amazons requirements under the program and sell thousands of products that meet this description. 

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