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Protecting Your Brand Image

At Product Movement we guarantee to put your brand above our own.
  • We will never penny sell your products.

  • We communicate often so that everyone is on the same page

  • Promptly pay invoices 

  • We ensure quality through every process.

  • 100% MAP Pricing Compliance 

We have hard keyed minimum price restrictions inside of Amazon's seller platform to automatically deactivate our offer if the MAP price is violated through a malfunction in the Amazon system, a failure with our repricer or inadvertent miss keying of price data inside the platform. We also use a hard keyed minimum price in our automatic repricer ( to keep prices from adjusting below the MAP threshold when adjusting prices to match the other sellers on the platform.  
What is a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?


A MAP price is a minimum amount that resellers agree not to advertise below. For example, if a backpack company sets a MAP price of $50 for its best selling item than all resellers including brick and mortar stores and Amazon resellers are obligated to advertise this product at $50 or more.

If a reseller chooses to advertise that brand’s product at a discount of $35, they would be in direct violation of the backpack company’s MAP agreement.

Why do Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements exist?


MAP agreements exist to:

  • Promote fair competition across all distribution channels

  • Maintain brand identity and value

  • Allow smaller sellers to compete with larger retailers

  • Prevent underpricing

  • Protect seller margins


Although MAP agreements protect seller margins, price isn’t the only concern. Brand identity is also pretty important. If a pair of sneakers are always sold for $200 both online and instore, they may appear more valuable to shoppers than a different brand of shoes that can be found at varied cheaper prices.

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