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Our Services

Our Services

Amazon Small and Light Program

We specialize in Amazons Small and Light Program. This program allows us to sell the products that other amazon sellers don't want to sell.

Wider Amazon Prime Availability

46% of Prime subscribers make weekly purchases, versus only 13% of non-Prime members.​ With Product Movement we have ways to offer Prime products to non-Prime Members.

Protecting your Brand Image 

We understand the importance of MAP compliance and use two different methods to ensure 100% MAP compliance.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We spend thousands of dollars each month advertising our products with a machine learning powered ad campaign manager.  

We Pack, We Ship

Our Vendors send all products directly to us, by doing so saves time and money for them and allows us to quality check products prior to being shipped to Amazon.

Amazon Fees are our fees

Many companies that sell products on amazon charge the vendors storage fees. We believe that once we buy the product its ours, we pay any and all fees from Amazon.

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